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We develop and produce custom oat and grain-based products.

Each year we donate a portion of our profits to worthy organizations that support our brave veterans and heroes.

What We Do

Through our manufacturing partners, Heroes Kitchen produces a variety of oat and grain-based products, as well as dry mixes of all kinds, such as corn bread, muffins, batters, coatings, etc. Our experienced formula developers and food scientists give us the ability to either match a current formula or work closely with you to develop a new one!

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Who We Are

HEROES KITCHEN is more than just a brand or a company; it is the result of a passion to chase the American Dream and to give back to those who have given so much. This passion has attracted a spirited team with a vision to provide our customers with delicious products, as well as an opportunity to "give back". We are committed to sharing the stories of heroes and to helping those who have sacrificed so much.

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What We Believe

At Heroes Kitchen we believe that those who serve—members of our military, law enforcement and first responder communities—do so primarily for old-fashioned reasons such as duty, honor, and country. They deserve our gratitude and support, yet they would never ask for it. And when being in harm’s way means they’ll never be the same again, they shouldn’t have to ask for our help. When these men and women make the ultimate sacrifice, their families should have someone to reach out to.

The good news is that there are phenomenal organizations that provide much-needed assistance to these heroes and their families every day. In support of such deserving charities, Heroes Kitchen will donate a portion of its profits to one or more of them each year. As a result, when you purchase our delicious, high-quality products, you’re joining us in giving back to those who have served and given so much!

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